Cancellation Policy

The mission of the Soccer Jersey Pro is to become a brand that meets the expectations and fulfills the demands of its clientele. We aim to provide our clients with the finest soccer jerseys and the greatest after-sale support available. However much we would want to implement every customer-friendly policy imaginable, we need to keep our firm afloat and our customers content. Towards this end, we give customers the option to cancel their purchase if they meet certain requirements. We strongly encouraged every customer to read and fully understand our cancellation rules before making an order to avoid any confusion or miscommunication. We trust that our loyal clientele will see the need for these measures and will collaborate completely with us. You may be confident that we will only ever sell our customers top-notch soccer jerseys.

Any request to cancel an order placed with our firm will be subject to the following conditions:

  • If a customer wants to cancel an order for a soccer jersey from us and we have not shipped them out yet, the customer may request a cancellation. After the order designing, manufacturing, and distribution, canceling it would be unjust to our company.
  • Once a consumer meets the requirements for our cancellation program, the amount of their refund is subject to a number of additional conditions. We use a fair scale to determine whether a consumer will get a full refund, and we will fully explain any reductions. Customers should expect a refund to be deposited into the same bank account used for the original purchase.
  • If a client wishes to cancel their purchase and notifies us within 24 hours of placing it, we will gladly do so and offer a full refund. Since we haven’t spent any money or put in any time creating the order in the first 24 hours, it’s only fair that the consumers get their money back in full.
  • Customers who seek a cancellation of their orders after 24 hours will qualify for a reimbursement of 70% of the entire amount paid [Product Cost + Shipping]. Since our skilled artists have already begun working on your order and devoted time, energy, and corporate resources to it, we must charge you a 30% restocking fee.
  • If you cancel your purchase more than 48 hours after ordering it and before it ships, you will only be eligible to receive the shipment charges. Within 48 hours, our team will have made significant progress on the customer’s jersey. It’s only reasonable that we refund that sum given that the soccer jersey is still with us. With a full 48 hours to reconsider, we’re certain you’ll be able to accept our policy.
  • For those customers who ask for cancellation once their product is out for delivery will not qualify for any kind of refund since we have already paid for the shipping to your mentioned address.

After placing the order, if our customers have second thoughts, we urge them to take immediate action and cancel as soon as possible to avoid any type of unpleasant consequence. We offer customer support around the clock. Keep in mind that we receive hundreds if not thousands of queries every day and will get back to you within 12 hours. Also, do note that there is no reason to cancel an order if you made a mistake while entering their delivery address. All that needs to be done is contact our customer support team and have them correct the error.

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